Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Crime

Prevention Ideas

  1. Launch a comprehensive Public Awareness Campaign to stress continually and through all means possible that the public must remain vigilant, and must take steps to reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim
  2. Invite the San Bernardino Countywide Gangs & Drugs Task Force to help devise and implement additional crime-fighting strategies
  3. Each City/Town Government should vigorously enforce or establish a “Crime Free Rental Program
  4. Law Enforcement should offer Neighborhood Watch and other crime prevention programs to service clubs, schools and any organization allowing a guest speaker; ensure a program for residents and one for businesses.
  5. Encourage residents to report knowledge of criminal acts, including the use of We-Tip.
  6. Solicit Support from local Chambers of Commerce to:
    1. Allow for Crime Prevention Presentations designed for business
    2. Support the Public Awareness Campaign to disseminate crime prevention tips/messages via the Chambers’ communications channels
  7. Start a campaign to Encourage Citizens to Apple for Concealed Weapon Permits

Enforcement Ideas

  1. Law enforcement, Media and other organizations should maximize the dissemination of information about We-Tip and how the public can use it to anonymously report crime
  2. Each community (Adelanto, Apple Valley, Barstow, Hesperia, Victorville and 1st Supervisorial District) should establish a reward program (amount to be determined) to encourage tips about major crimes.
  3. Law Enforcement should establish a “most wanted list” of known criminals/suspects in each community – with widespread distribution to alert the public and encourage contacting law enforcement.

Other Ideas

  1. Each City/Town Council & 1st District Supervisor should Pass a resolution demanding that the legislature amend laws that favor criminals
  2. The media should refrain from making any reference whether a crime was or wasn’t “Gang related”
  3. Launch a Petition Drive asking residents to demand that the legislature amend laws that favor criminals
  4. The media should strive to refrain from disclosing detailed facts about criminal acts – only acknowledging basic facts (what crime was committed, when, where).